Claim Bitcoin Making money is not difficult.

Claim Cash is a platform that helps you earn cryptocurrencies by performing simple tasks. You can earn various cryptocurrencies and withdraw them instantly to your wallet. We are one of the best platforms that you can find in the market with the highest rewards, you can earn up to $5/task through Offerwalls & Surveys.

Our Features

Manual Faucet

Click and earn from faucet everyday.

Auto Faucet

Auto faucet for more earning.


Visit shortlinks and earn.

Silver Faucet

Silver faucet for more earning.

Gold Faucet

Gold faucet for more earning.

Wheel Of Fortune

Win up to 0.2$ every 10 minutes! Require 10 energy.


Use your device to mine crypto easly.


Buy lottery tickets and earn big reward.


Try your luck and win/lose with dice.

Daily Bonus

Login daily to claim bonus of coins, exp...

Level System

Level up as you earn.

Sponsor Website

Visit our sponsor website and earn money.


Exciting achivements.


Various tasks to complete.


Complete different types of diffrenet offers and get $, energy and experience for level up.

Weekly Contest

Stay alert for contests.

Referral Commission

Get commission without daily login or activity!

Why join us?

  • Easy to earn: There are many options like Sponsor Website, Shortlinks, Faucet to earn from our site.
  • Fast withdraw: Our payment system is instant. You can withdraw anytime and get payment right away.
  • Level System: Level up while you earn and unlcok achivements and claim extra from leaderboard.
  • Fast Support: We will assist you on any matter as soon a we can.
  • User Friendly: The website is user friendly and compatible with all browsers and devices.

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Payment Method

Some FAQ

Read these rules to avoid ban on our site

You are not allowed to create multiple accounts. Any of these violation may get you banned.

You will receive handsome commission from your friend's earning forever.

We don't allow bots, vpn or proxy. If anyone tries to use them, will get banned.

The minimum withdraw from our website is only 0.01$. Amount will be converted directly into Crypto, if you withdraw using crypto.

There is no withdraw fee.

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Just tell your friends about our great services using your free affiliate link, and we will pay you for everyone who signs up!

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Earn Bits

With shortlink, ptc, offerwalls, auto faucet... and even with friends, you will get tokens!

Withdraw Bitcoin

Minimum withdraw is very low so that you can just daily earn & withdraw!

Last Payments

You can view the most recent payments made in this table.

# Username Address Method Amount
11690 qwe13 gavevge******* 0.00363 USD
11689 sougho sbgabund******** 0.030267 USD
11688 aleks9999 aleks***** 0.0981 USD
11687 nguyenducbao baoduon******* 0.01758 USD
11686 qwe13 gavevge******* 0.00135 USD
11685 binsiman binsars******* 0.012597 USD
11684 Genk08 tatikoma******** 0.0042 USD
11683 Julius622 julius1******* 0.169608 USD
11682 Sayuwiwit prasety******* 0.16441 USD
11679 Sitiaminah11 sa0504****** 0.00364 USD
11678 AICryptoHunter ahdiath.******** 0.0125 USD
11676 Dhori19 ahmadhud******** 0.0176 USD
11675 West080 aaaniw****** 0.00175 USD
11674 altamash54 zainabim******** 0.01673 USD
11673 tansaf taner0a******* 0.0142 USD
11672 delowar200 mddelowar********* 0.0025 USD
11671 Kosyana21 yayan.k******* 0.00605 USD
11670 Nabeel0345 naveedmu******** 0.00663 USD
11669 Gonzare reggieail********* 0.010427 USD
11668 Roma89 romamasa******** 0.001 USD

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